What to Expect From Professional Water Leak Detection Services

Pipe water leak detection services

Water leaks in your home or business can be hard to find, but a professional water leak detection service can help locate and repair the problem quickly and efficiently. With today’s sophisticated technology and experienced technicians, the process is easier, faster, and more cost-effective than ever before.


Visual and Electronic Location Techniques

Professional water leak detection services use a number of techniques to accurately and efficiently locate hidden water leaks. Using visual inspection, technicians look for signs of moisture or other potential sources of the leak. Additionally, electronic location technologies such as acoustic and infrared equipment can be used to detect the exact location. Infrared imaging can detect areas where heat is escaping, indicating a potential water leak behind walls or underground. Acoustic listening devices listen for the sound of running water within your plumbing system, even if it’s hidden beneath the surface.

Portable Flow Meter Testing

A portable flow meter is one of the most accurate methods for finding water leaks. These devices measure the velocity and volume of flowing water pressure without disrupting a current leak. With the help of a professional technician, the meter reads can pinpoint precise locations and types of leaks in minutes. This technology is ideal for uncovering slow-moving or insidious leaks that need to be addressed quickly.

Thermal Imaging Services

Professional leak detection companies also offer thermal imaging services to identify water leaks. Thermal imagers detect moisture-rich areas that may indicate the presence of a water leak. Homeowners and businesses can benefit from this technology if they are dealing with hidden water damage. A technician uses a thermal imager to scan an entire property, taking images of potential locations where there might be a leak or other unseen moisture issue. By pinpointing these areas with scientific accuracy, problems are diagnosed and resolved quickly and confidently.

Scope-based Sewer Line Inspections

Professional leak detection companies offer scope-based sewer line inspections to assess the condition of a home’s plumbing lines. This can be especially important in older homes and properties with multiple building additions that may have connected drains or pipes. A technician uses an optical, push-pull cable to inspect and diagnose water flow issues, including blockages or faulty sealant connections. Scope-based sewer line inspections can quickly identify problems that cause water leakage or plumbing backups into basements, bathrooms or other parts of the property. The technician will then provide a comprehensive report and suggest next steps for repairing any existing water damage.

Repair Recommendations & Mitigation Solutions

Preferred Water Damage’s water leak detection services can provide homeowners and business owners with recommendations for repair or mitigation solutions after a scope-based inspection. This might include waterproofing of basement walls and floors, mitigating standing water on property grounds, engaging in more frequent drain treatments to prevent future clogs and malfunctions, and installing proper drainage systems such as sump pumps or interior weeping tiles with grates to divert surface water away from foundations. The technician will also be able to answer questions regarding appliance repair costs depending on the degree of damage sustained during the course of their investigation.