Estimating Total Fire Recovery Time: How Long Does it Take?


Fire damage can have devastating consequences on your home and property, but it doesn’t have to mean the end of the road. Depending on the extent of the damage and your needs, fire restoration can take anywhere from a week to several months or more. Learn about how long it takes for fire restoration and what factors determine recovery time here.

Evaluate Damaged Areas

The primary step in estimating fire recovery time is to evaluate the affected areas. Fire restoration professionals have the experience and techniques needed to assess the extent of damage and any potential risks associated with restoration, such as structural instability. This evaluation allows them to determine an accurate timeline for restoring your home or commercial property.

Prioritize Actions

One of the best ways to reduce fire recovery time is to prioritize activities based on distinguishing factors, such as safety risks and urgency. Structural stability and related measures often take precedence due to the potential consequences of not addressing them quickly enough. Establishing a plan puts actions in order and helps everyone involved with the fire restoration understand their respective roles. This approach can reduce confusion and save a considerable amount of time when it comes to restoring property from fire damage.

Consider Cleaning and Restoration Needs

After the initial steps of safety, stopping any remaining fire, and assessing the damage in complete detail, you need to take stock of the cleaning and restoration needs. Any salvageable items must be cleaned using the appropriate chemicals for particular materials like fabrics and electronics. Walls, ceilings, and other surfaces may have to be cleaned with a power washer or commercial-grade chemical substances specialized for advanced fire residue removal. Once again, enlisting help from your insurance provider and a professional fire restoration team can save time during this process. Save even more time by hiring Preferred Water Damage to perform a free inspection.

Implement Safety Protocols

Proper safety protocols must be put in place before the fire recovery process begins. All affected areas must be thoroughly evaluated, documented, and inventoried before they can be treated or handled. This will help determine the scope of work and materials needed to complete the recovery process. You’ll want to enlist a professional fire restoration team and your insurance provider as assistance during this step, to ensure proper footage and estimates are taken in an efficient manner.

Monitor Progress Throughout the Process

Creating an inventory of the affected areas, establishing safety protocols, and hiring a professional fire restoration team are all necessary steps for restoring your home or business after a fire. But it’s just as important to stay on top of and monitor progress throughout the recovery process. Regularly check on all areas affected by the fire, ensuring that containment and deodorization efforts are going according to plan so you can avoid further damage or contamination.