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Quick and Efficient Water Leak Detection Services

Leaking water if not checked can create serious issues like mold and mildew growth leading to several health issues. Apart from that the structure and aesthetic will be ruined too. Therefore, it is extremely important for homeowners and business owners to take immediate action to fix the water leakage issue. If you are unable to detect the source of leakage and seeking professional assistance in Clearwater, Tampa or Dunedin, then look no further and choose us, Preferred Water Damage. We are in the business for years and hence possess expertise in water leak detection in Clearwater, Tampa and Dunedin and nearby regions.

Detecting Water Leaks in Plumbing Pipes

Our uses advanced patented technology to detect water leaks in both residential and commercial building pipes. Our sensor is connected to AI-driven analytics software which runs algorithms to pinpoint the exact location of any water leak, minimize damage caused by such leaks and save costs.


  • Sensor-enabled for real-time monitoring
  • Algorithms to accurately locate problems
  • Accurate alarm thresholds Alerts sent via email or mobile app Benefits:
  • Monitor your home or business 24/7
  • Reduce expensive repairs due to leak damage
  • Maximize usage efficiency and reduce water bills
  • Get alerted to potential issues quickly and take preventive measures
Pipe water leak detection services

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Fixing and Identifying Water Leaks In 5 Steps


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